Vlog #61: Alexis Sanders On SEO Strategy & SEO Testing


Alexis Sanders

Alexis Sanders is a senior account manager at Merkle and has been doing SEO now from about six-years. She told us how she got into SEO and why she does what she does.

SEO strategy is not just about SEO she said, its is also about everything that surrounds SEO as well. First you need to learn your client’s industry, which makes working in an industry great she said. There is keyword research, there is a form of a technical audit and user experience. It all starts off very formulaic, because that is how you start off with new clients.

When it comes to SEO testing; she said we typically get things wrong when it comes to testing. Basic statistical concepts is important, getting the right data, and then being able to run the statistical analysis correctly. We need to be cautious about how we run these models and understand the desired outcomes. She then also spoke about how as we rely more on machine learning, it becomes a black box and you can’t fully understand what the output is showing.

We then talked about correlation studies when it comes to SEO. Alexis said any information can be useful. But you need to understand where the information comes from and how to understand it.

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