Vlog #56: Max Prin on Technical SEO & PWAs


Max Prin

Max Prin is the head of technical SEO at Merkle and I pulled him aside at TechSEO Boost to have him talk to me about SEO.

He moved from France to Boston in 2011 and his first job was to create content for SEO purposes. Then Google released the Panda algorithm a few weeks after he started that job and then he lost that job. So he learned SEO very quickly in a very hard way. He has been at Merkle for six years or so, along with a nice crew of SEOs at that company.

Max built technicalseo.com where he builds useful SEO tools for technical SEOs. It is free for any SEO to use. Merkle owns it but they encourage him to continue building it out. When building these tools it helps you do SEO better by understanding the challenges Google and other search engines have with crawling, indexing and maybe ranking.

PWAs is a big topic he likes to work on and talk about. He loves experimenting with technologies and see how they interact with search engines. He is a strong believer in PWAs and he said it is the way to go. Max mentioned some challenges with PWAs in general. In fact, we both believe the growth of PWAs have not caught on as we may have expected. The SEO challenges with PWAs are similar to the challenges you have with JavaScript and SEO he said.

You can follow Max Prin on Twitter @maxxeight or maxprin.com or technicalseo.com.

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