Vlog #19: Britney Muller Of Moz On Google Featured Snippets & More


Britney Muller Of Moz

Britney Muller (@BritneyMuller) is the Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, she joined Moz in July 2016 and has a deep passion for data, SEO and the company. She also has a company named Pryde Marketing, but her focus is on Moz where she does a lot of research and development and data sharing.

We then got into Google featured snippets and how everyone wants featured snippets but yet they do not want it at the same time. In her Moz presentation, Britney shared her data around click through rates on these features snippets where her not statistically significant results showed around 40% decrease on featured snippet keywords. Informational sites tend to dominate the featured snippets, was also in her report. Also we shared some funny or maybe sad, featured snippet examples.

I then broached the subject of Moz and Google’s weird relationship. Britney handled that question like a pro.

Here is the vlog:

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Note: Normally I post the Search Vlogs on Wednesdays but I will be offline tomorrow for Yom Kippur and won't be scheduling any content here for the day.

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