Vlog #4:: Rand Fishkin Of SparkToro On Early Days At Moz, SEO Community, VC Funds & More (Part One)

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Rand Fishkin with Barry Schwartz

In our fourth vlog episode I was in Seattle for Mozcon and I asked Rand Fishkin (@randfish) if I can interview him for my new vlog series. He invited me to his home/office, aka ShedToro, and despite some angry bees, I think the interview went pretty well. This is going to be a two part interview, here is the first part which is mostly about the history - the next one goes into more current day topics and SEO topics.

In part one, we discuss his early days on how he steered Moz, formerly SEOmoz, into the SEO industry. When he discovered forums and blogs, some of the early conferences, his famous yellow shoes and wild parties Yahoo and Google held. How Moz first became an SEO consulting company, transitioning into SEO software and the start of Moz as you know it. Moz’s growth, the challenges with that, especially with companies backed in the venture capital space. Then why he left Moz and started SparkToro and how SparkToro is going about growing differently than what he did with Moz.

Hope you like part one and I am excited for you all to see part two.

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