Google Manually Adjusts Stephen Colbert's Search Results Box

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Stephen Colbert Google Height

On Stephen Colbert last week, he ranted on TV about Google attacking him by showing incorrect information about his height in the Google knowledge graph box. This is a must watch:

The result? Google changed it to read his height was 10.5" instead of 10" and added some more fun to the details:

Stephen Colbert's Search Results Box Updated

Danny Sullivan covered this at Marketing Land and pointed out the fact that these are just computers, that is until someone at Google edits the data by hand.

It is not clear exactly who edited it by it may have been Satyajeet Salgar. He was the first to post the change on Google+ writing "Time at work well spent. :-) #colbertheight." That was followed up by Richard Gingras who wrote on Google+:

Someone at Google was having too much fun today. Stephen Colbert delivered a fabulous rant last night about Google being wrong about his self-described height of 5' 11". Today Google corrected its assessment.

If I had to guess, Satyajeet Salgar at Google made the change.

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