SEO Hired To Gain Links Hacked The Client's Related Site To Acquire Those Links

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Seo Link Hack

Imagine you hire an SEO company for SEO services and they email you the links they acquired for you and in that report it shows a link from a site you own. But you didn't sell any links on your sites, so you then realize the SEO company hacked your other site to get that link for you.

Sadly, there are some SEO companies that hack sites to place links on those sites to their client sites. The sites they hack often don't know about the hack until much later. That is not new, it has been going on for well over a dozen years.

But a Reddit thread I found via @ColinMcDermott has this happening. Colin summed it up saying "someone paid for a niche edits link campaign. In their report was a link in a post on a different site they owned, added without permission. An incredible coincidence, and good reminder that some niche edit/link services use hacking to provide links."

Here is what the Reddit thread said:

So i manage multiple sites and i recently started using a link building (niche edits) service.

I received a report from the link building service with the list of the links, DA, anchor text etc.

As I’m looking at the links i see a link on another site that i manage (so site A who i was getting the links for, had a link on a blog post on site B).

I looked back on the revisions on the post and saw nothing. No add of that link or the paragraph it was contained in.

How does this happen? Can anyone help explain this to me? Thanks in advance.

So imagine I hired an SEO company to help my RustyBrick website rank better. The SEO company gives me a list of links they built to RustyBrick and on that list is this website. I then realize I never placed a link from this site to that site, and they must of hacked my site to get that link.

That is wild, sad and somewhat SEO humorous?

Forum discussion at Reddit.

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