59% Of Searchers Don't Get The Importance Of AI In Search

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Bing Vs Google Ai

Famed YouTuber and excellent tech reviewer, Marques Brownlee, posted a poll on Twitter to his 6 million followers asking would you rather use Google as it exists now or Bing with ChatGPT added. The poll had over 320,000 submissions and about 59% said they would rather use Google now.

Here is that poll on Twitter:

Bing Google Ai Poll

This just tells me that about 60% of searchers don't get the importance of AI in search. Ab About 60% of searchers don't understand how AI, in this form, can improve search and answers, task completion, etc for the searcher.

As I put it on Twitter, a Steve Jobs line, "People don't know what they want until you show it to them." I tweeted it and got an even better line:

Tweet Response

Meanwhile, Wall Street gets it:

Chart Tweet

Meanwhile, clearly Microsoft gets it and yes, Google does get it, that is why they rushed the Bard announcement.

AI in Search as demoed by both Google and Bing, but more so by Bing, is the future of search. It won't replace everything but it will greatly enhance the search experience.

We are here now and it is exciting.

So yea, people really don't know what they want or need.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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