Brown Nissan Figaro Outside Google Dublin

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Brown Nissan Figaro Outside Google Dublin

Here is a recent photo from outside the Google Dublin, Ireland office of a brown Nissan Figaro. It looks cool and shiny and I like brown but I had no idea what car this was so I asked on Twitter, that was after trying the reverse image search feature on Google Images, which failed me.

So this is a Nissan Figaro, which was produced in 1991 (not too long ago) but only 20,073 were produced. But they are cheap, you can pick a nice one of these up for $20,000 to $25,000.

When I first saw this, it looked like some antique car but the car may be based off Gutbrod Superior.

Last point, look at the mask on the floor on the right side of the car.

I found this image on Instagram.

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