The New GoogleBot Mascot: A Spider

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Googlebot Mascot: A Spider

GoogleBot has a new mascot, a spider. The spider does not have an official name, yet but it was announced yesterday on the Google blog. Google said "Our Googlebot mascot is also getting an upgrade."

Google wrote:

Our Googlebot mascot is also getting an upgrade. Googlebot's days of wandering the web solo come to a close as a new sidekick joins Googlebot in crawling the internet.

When we first met this curious critter, we wondered, "Is it really a spider?" After some observation, we noticed this spider bot hybrid can jump great distances and sees best when surrounded by green light. We think Googlebot's new best friend is a spider from the genus Phidippus, though it seems to also have bot-like characteristics. Googlebot's been trying out new nicknames for the little spider bot, but they haven't settled on anything yet. Maybe you can help?

As for the name?

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