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Live Blogging Coverage SMXBelow is live coverage of the Panda-Proofing Your Content panel from the SMX East 2011 conference.

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Barry Schwartz: 12:44:17 pm
We start shortly....
Barry Schwartz: 12:45:31 pm
Here we go, Chris Sherman is the mod here.
Barry Schwartz: 12:48:33 pm
Heather Lloyd-Martin, President and CEO, SuccessWorks Search Marketing (@heatherlloyd)
is up now
Barry Schwartz: 12:48:49 pm
click for full size
Barry Schwartz: 12:49:01 pm
Like it or not, we are all content marketers...
Barry Schwartz: 12:49:34 pm
Marketing people have to become more like content engineers...
Barry Schwartz: 12:51:10 pm
Creating content for search engines, as Heather puts it, was "the war cry" from her clients.
Barry Schwartz: 12:51:28 pm
Creating content for search engines was about writing content as fast as possible.
Barry Schwartz: 12:51:37 pm
This was the case before Panda.
Barry Schwartz: 12:52:00 pm
The search engines do not pay your bills, your customers do, so make sure to write your content for customers.
Barry Schwartz: 12:52:49 pm
Now, since Panda, we are going back to the fundamentals...
Barry Schwartz: 12:53:16 pm
92% say content creation is very effective as an SEO tactic but it is very hard to implement.
Barry Schwartz: 12:54:21 pm
The solution she said is create an editorial calendar that makes it easy for your to do this. Quality content lets you do this easily.
Barry Schwartz: 12:54:32 pm
Heather said, "The key is to stop asking what Google wants."
Barry Schwartz: 12:54:49 pm
Develop content around keyword research, this is back to basics...
Barry Schwartz: 12:55:29 pm
Look at the questions your customers are asking you via phone, via email, etc. Create content around those questions...
Barry Schwartz: 12:56:09 pm
It is a great place to tell stories about your products and services...
Barry Schwartz: 12:56:20 pm
Create content for your "sales funnel"
Barry Schwartz: 12:57:06 pm
Will your customers give you a case study or a video testimonial?
Barry Schwartz: 12:57:57 pm
So once you have this content you can repurpose this content across other mediums such as white papers, ebooks, blog posts, sales pages, case studies and so on...
Barry Schwartz: 12:58:19 pm
Side note: not to kiss up but Heather rocks and she is a legend at content
Barry Schwartz: 12:59:38 pm
She talks more about editorial calendars to keep track of what they do across those mediums.
Barry Schwartz: 12:59:50 pm
It becomes difficult when this is random, so a schedule is key.
Barry Schwartz: 1:00:25 pm
Side note: Personally, I do not use a calendar, I just write every day between 7am and 9am. But I do not have topics until that morning... But for most people, a calendar is the best method.
Barry Schwartz: 1:01:19 pm
Action steps: evaluate your current content assets, get everyone on the same page, develop a calendar, make sure people look at the quality, have fun with it!
Barry Schwartz: 1:03:22 pm
Next up: Horst Joepen, CEO, Searchmetrics (@HorstJoepen)
Barry Schwartz: 1:05:32 pm
Most noted penalties: BMW in 2006, 2009 with Vince, 2010 MayDay and Brand Update, 2011, JC Penney, Overstock and then Panda
Barry Schwartz: 1:05:47 pm
Personally, I hate when people call penalties updates :)
Ben Pfeiffer: 1:05:54 pm
Hey ask the panelists when it gets to Q&A what length of content is recommended these days for quality blog posts/articles? Does it matter?
Barry Schwartz: 1:06:21 pm
BEfore Panda they had analytics supported but manual quality ratings
Barry Schwartz: 1:06:33 pm
After Panda there is permanent quality assessment
Barry Schwartz: 1:07:11 pm
He shows some charts of during the Panda updates....
Barry Schwartz: 1:07:40 pm
Can you detect warning signs?
Barry Schwartz: 1:08:08 pm
click for full size
Barry Schwartz: 1:08:20 pm
If your site ranks fine now, why change - he asks...
Barry Schwartz: 1:08:29 pm
Well, you need to look for warning signs...
Barry Schwartz: 1:08:51 pm
If your competitors get hit but you do not, then you should watch out, you may be next.
Barry Schwartz: 1:09:19 pm
He shows some international rollouts of Panda and how it hurt, a microsoft property
Barry Schwartz: 1:10:36 pm
The impact of this can differ from different countries.
Barry Schwartz: 1:10:56 pm vs, there was no change in Germany but a 39% change in France
Barry Schwartz: 1:12:20 pm
JCPenney had their penalty and they had a huge drop and then 4 weeks later they were released and then JCPenney was nailed by Panda 2.1
Barry Schwartz: 1:12:41 pm
But now JCPenney is at a better level now, since recent Panda updates.
Barry Schwartz: 1:14:22 pm
He shows how penalties hurt various car sites like and didnt hurt others. Analysis the peer groups...
Barry Schwartz: 1:14:39 pm
ehow didn't get hit in the first round but got nailed later.
Barry Schwartz: 1:15:08 pm
Warning Signs: Reasons for penalties will be built into Panda and algo improvements and indicates what will hit you later.
Barry Schwartz: 1:15:43 pm
What to look for? who got hit, why did they get hit, compare backlinks, compare content and structure, adsense, affiliate loads, social network activities, and compare user experience.
Barry Schwartz: 1:17:08 pm
SEO 2.0 winners, sites with original content, brands and google (price comparison, shopping, video, etc.)
Barry Schwartz: 1:18:02 pm
When it happens adjust your SEO strategy, focus on long tail, short term compensate with PPC or universal search (videos, etc) and distribute content on subdomains and worst case do a relaunch
Barry Schwartz: 1:18:45 pm
Internationally, they had a benefit of a time gap between the US and international roll out...
Barry Schwartz: 1:19:03 pm
Key takeaways: SEO 2.0, peer group monitoring, learn from others and don't stand back.
Barry Schwartz: 1:19:28 pm
Next up is Chris Silver Smith, Director of Optimization Strategies, KeyRelevance
Barry Schwartz: 1:22:09 pm
Panda is not just an algo update, it is a platform for new ways to understand the web and user experience. quoting vanessa fox
Barry Schwartz: 1:22:25 pm
Danny Sullivan said it's not a new algo, its a new factor.
Barry Schwartz: 1:23:04 pm
He said it is a combo of automated metrics and human factors and then scoring those factors.
Barry Schwartz: 1:23:38 pm
In 2006 he said SEO may be eclipsed by user centered design
Barry Schwartz: 1:27:11 pm
There was a leaked Google spam recognition guide for quality evaluators
Barry Schwartz: 1:27:40 pm
Thin affiliate doorway pages is in that guide
Barry Schwartz: 1:28:01 pm
There are those affiliate who provide value add, so not all affiliates are equal.
Barry Schwartz: 1:28:22 pm
Google is still hiring temps to do this manual work.
Barry Schwartz: 1:29:58 pm
Google uses combo of factors for quality evaluations, some are machine detectable... such as clicks on SERPs, bounce rates, time on a site, linking, and social media shares, votes, mentions, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 1:30:42 pm
They also have human evaluators and then they use an algo to mix it up.
Barry Schwartz: 1:31:37 pm
So it takes a while to compute this and that is why there are nice gaps between Panda updates, he said.
Barry Schwartz: 1:32:03 pm
They cannot scale human factors across all pages, so they may combine it with their trustrank algo
Barry Schwartz: 1:32:58 pm
Tips: remove/noindex pages with low qualoty content
Barry Schwartz: 1:34:00 pm
Site command to search error pages, and such
Barry Schwartz: 1:34:55 pm
Tips: Include relevant images, videos, maps, links, charts
Barry Schwartz: 1:35:05 pm
Do strong social media campaigns with your PR campaigns
Barry Schwartz: 1:36:13 pm
UX testing, clean up spam out of comments and forums, don't force users to click to secondary pages, use rel=author, dont have spelling or grammer issues, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 1:37:19 pm
Remove excessive ads, become an authority, publish a book and avoid over optimization
Barry Schwartz: 1:37:48 pm
That is all from Chris
Barry Schwartz: 1:37:59 pm
Some Q&A Time...
Barry Schwartz: 1:38:32 pm
Someone asked when will be stop calling it Panda.
Barry Schwartz: 1:39:52 pm
Submitted your Question Ben
Barry Schwartz: 1:40:57 pm
Q about site wide vs page by page re Panda...
Barry Schwartz: 1:41:14 pm
Chris said, he thinks Panda can be applied to page by page... (I am not too sure)
Barry Schwartz: 1:41:35 pm
He said sometimes certain pages will remain ranking if a site was hit by Panda.
Barry Schwartz: 1:47:26 pm
Okay, I got to run. Meeting... Stay tuned for more coverage. May or may not do more today.

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