IPv6 Rolling Out Today: Google Explains Why

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IPv6 logoToday is the day the internet is rolling out real support for IPv6. IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol and expands the number of available addresses to a virtually limitless amount–340 trillion trillion trillion addresses.

The reason we need it is because we are or will soon run out of IPv4 internet addresses, which contains about 4 billion addresses.

Vint Cerf, who joined Google in 2005 as Chief Internet Evangelist at Google and also a founding father of the internet, directly related to IPv4, explains in a video why we need IPv6:

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other major internet companies had a test run of IPv6 day on June 8th with no glitches. Today is the day of the official roll out.

What does it mean to you as a webmaster? Not really that much. We covered the topic at IPv6 Coming: SEOs May Want To Prepare in February 2011 and also in March with IPv6 Support Coming To Google Webmaster Tools.

Google has a big message under their fancy drive in logo about IPv6, which leads to google.com/ipv6 with more details.

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