Can You Confuse Google With Your Internal Anchor Text?

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internal-anchor-textThere is an interesting conversation going on about the use of your anchor text on your internal links at WebmasterWorld forums. The topic here is that this SEO wants a specific page of his to rank for a term, so he optimizes the page for the term and links to it with the phrase in his internal anchor text. But he also links from that page to another internal page using the same anchor text he wants the current page to rank for. Got that?

For example, I want to rank a page for big blue pineapple chair, so when I link to the page, I use the anchor text big blue pineapple chair. But I also decide to link to a different page on my site, via the big blue pineapple chair page using the anchor text "big blue pineapple chair" to this other page.

The question is, will this confuse Google in thinking the page that is all about big blue pineapple chairs is actually linking off to another page about big blue pineapple chair and they should rank that page instead.

Nothing like a good deep linking topic to make link builders salavate. :)

Tedster replied to the thread saying, "Theoretically, it does sound like this might become an issue in some cases. In reality, I've never run into it. I think I'd still avoid using the exact same phrase I was targeting in the outbound anchor text."

Personally, I have no clue. Logically, you would think it might cause confusion. But I do not have practical examples of either, so I have no clue. Tedster said he has never seen it, have you?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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