Google's Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg & Alan Eagle Book: How Google Works

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How Google Works Book CoverGoogle's top business leaders, Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle have teamed up to write a book about their experience in running Google over the years. The book is named "How Google Works" and the companion web site is at

Google's former CEO and now chair, Eric Schmidt wrote on Google+:

One of these is a companion that will stand by your side through good times and bad. The other is a puppy.

I’m happy to announce How Google Works, my new book with +Jonathan Rosenberg and +Alan Eagle. It’s your guide to business management in the Internet Century, due out on 9/23. Follow #howgoogleworks for interesting insights and fun nuggets from the book over the next few weeks!

Google's Senior Vice President, Jonathan Rosenberg, wrote on Google+:

When Eric and I joined Google we had to relearn a new way of doing business. We learned that what makes Google successful is a unique mix of systems that work by design, processes that evolve from mistakes and by embracing the “launch and iterate” mentality of engineers. For over a dozen years, along with Eric, I have enjoyed a front row seat to what makes Google tick and have been taking notes every step of the way. Our book, How Google Works, with +Eric Schmidt and my high school buddy +Alan Eagle is everything we’ve learned--or at least the bits they’d let us share.

Follow #howgoogleworks for interesting insights and fun nuggets from the book over the next few weeks!

Here is the snippet of the book:

HOW GOOGLE WORKS is an entertaining, page-turning primer containing lessons that Google Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg learned as they helped build the company.

The authors explain how technology has shifted the balance of power from companies to consumers, and that the only way to succeed in this ever-changing landscape is to create superior products and attract a new breed of multifaceted employees whom Eric and Jonathan dub "smart creatives."

Covering topics including corporate culture, strategy, talent, decision-making, communication, innovation, and dealing with disruption, the authors illustrate management maxims with numerous insider anecdotes from Google’s history.

In an era when everything is speeding up, the best way for businesses to succeed is to attract smart-creative people and give them an environment where they can thrive at scale. HOW GOOGLE WORKS explains how to do just that.

I'll probably pre-order it now.

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