Google Webmaster/SEO Rank: Like Author Rank Or Site Authority

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webmasterGreg, aka goodROI, asked in a WebmasterWorld thread if Google assigns an "SEO credit scores" to a webmaster or SEO.

Think of it as the author rank concept, where Google knows who writes content and no matter where it is, that author ranking factor is used on site A or site B, but is associated with the author, not the site.

Of course, sites have factors as well. Is the site an authority, trusted, respected, etc.

But what about the webmaster or SEO who builds or markets the site. Do they get assigned ranking factors? Can Google even decipher who made the site or who is promoting the site for it to actually work?

I have never heard of Google using a webmaster or SEO rank formula.

Greg asked, "Do you think Google is assigning website owners a SEO credit score that impacts how current and future websites perform?"

I don't think so, but what do you think?

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