Google's Matt Cutts: Text Link Ads Link Sellers Targeted

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Text Link Ads Targeted By GoogleA few weeks ago, we reported that Google busted another link seller network. We didn't know which link seller network it was - until now. Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, tweeted last week that the link network they went after was "TLA linkselling sites."

TLA, as everyone in our industry knows is Text Link Ads. They are one of the older and more substantial and much more visible link selling networks. Heck, I even had them on this site until I nofollowed my paid links. Also, in 2004 or so, my company build the software behind the site, mostly how they bill link buyers and pay link sellers but it grew into more. Keep in mind, this was all before the nofollow attribute, not that it matters.

That being said @patrickaltoft asked Matt Cutts, "do you mean link sellers in general or specifically ones hosting ads via Text Link Ads the company?"

Matt responded, "capital TLA."

TLA's home page PageRank is still a 6 but the link sellers may have taken a hit?

Are you a TLA link seller? Did you notice a hit? Are you a TLA link buyer? Did you notice a hit?

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