Most SEOs Think Google Shouldn't Delist A Hacked Site

Dec 6, 2018 • 7:30 am | comments (14) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

As you know, Search Engine Land was delisted from Google's search results for most of the day on Friday because a bug in Google's hack sites classifier labeled the site as being hacked. Colin McDermott ran a Twitter poll asking if Google should delist the site or just issue a warning. 2/3rds of those who responded said Google should just issue a warning.

The question was "Should Google completely remove websites that it suspects are hacked/serving malware?"

  • 36% said Yes, remove the website
  • 64% said No, a warning is enough

Here is that poll:

John Mueller from Google said it isn't that simple:

He also implied Google stepped up their hack site filtering and maybe that is why? But he didn't clearly say that, it was maybe implied:

And then this:

Anyway, I can see it from both sides. No one wants their site to be delisted over a false positive. But at the same time, Google doesn't want anyone going to a site that can end up harming people. Tough call and bugs do happen.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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