Google: Using A Google Service Doesn't Help You Stay Penalty Free

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Google's John Mueller addressed a myth in a Google+ hangout saying that just because you are on a Google service, such as Blogger, it doesn't mean Google won't penalize your web site.

John said there are plenty of Blogger sites that are doing things against Google's guidelines and many, I am sure, were penalized. So don't think you can host your site on Blogger and violate Google's guidelines and get away with it.

John said at the 6:43 mark in the video:

To say, I have a blogger blog and I doubt Google would penalize it because it is blogger and Google’s own product...

From our point of view, from the search side, we kind of take the neutral approach with that.

If you are doing something wrong and you’re using one of our products than that is just as wrong as if you are using someone else’s products.

We look at the web site separately. So we don’t say that this is on blogger therefore it has to be good. There is probably lots of spam on blogger and not a lot of great content on blogger. Because it is hosted with Blogger platform, doesn’t necessarily make it good.

So I’d kind of separate what Google would take action on from what Google product it is on.

Here is the video embed:

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