Google: Shy Away From Repeating The Same Words On The Same Page Too Often

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In a Google+ hangout from Friday, Google's John Mueller addressed a common thing you see on some e-commerce sites, the repetitive nature of category landing pages.

At the 13:08 mark in the video, the question asked was:

​​​In a hypothetical scenario, an e-shop ​​shows ​products ​(​x leather shoe, y leather shoe, ​z​ leather shoe, etc​)​ in one page​.​ ​Does Google considered it as keyword stuffing or the algorithm is able to differentiate product names from other texts?

John answered that he'd "avoid being overly repetitive on a page like that." Adding later that it is "awkward" for the user and he would "try to shy away from that."

The full answer is:

In general, we figure out what is happening on a page like that. We see that a lot with, for example, category pages on e-commerce sites where you have one category page for leather shoes and give us all the different variations of leather shoes.

I’d try to avoid being overly repetitive on a page like that. As a user when you try to read the page like that, it does feel kind of awkward. Like blue leather shoes, red leather shoes, green leather shoes, and kind of repeat this leather shoe theme all the time. That is really kind of awkward to read, awkward to use, so I’d try to shy away from that.

But in general, we understand category pages and know how they work.

Here is the video embed:

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