Google Doubles Speed Of Some Search Results Via Service Workers

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Google Speed Worker

Google has doubled the speed of searches done on Chrome for Android through a technology named Service Workers. This lets Google cache repeated searches and serve them up twice as fast to some searchers.

I covered this at Search Engine Land via a story at VentureBeat.

But Google's Ilya Grigorik, Google's speed demon, wrote on Twitter about this and said "an appetizer taste of things to come. Exciting times" This kind of hints that Google is planning on pushing this to other browsers and operating systems.

Here is a screen shot that Ilya shows of Google search actually using the Service Worker:

click for full size

You need to be running Chrome version 62 on Android for this to work. “Service Worker has been available for several years now, but for Search’s requirements - we’ve been continually optimizing implementations of Service Worker and also waiting for broader coverage as well,” Galbraith told VentureBeat. Only Chrome for Android is getting the treatment because other browsers don’t support Navigation Preload, a latency optimization apparently critical for Google Search to run a Service Worker. If other browsers add the needed capabilities, the Google Search team will expand the repeated search improvement to them as well.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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