Some Google Search Ranking Update Chatter

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Google Algorithm Update Brewing

Over the past couple days I've been seeing some signs of a Google update, most from forum and social chatter within the community.

I've seen several comments on a story I wrote this past Monday. Some chatter in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread and some on Twitter.

Let me quote some of those:

Really weird action over the past 2 days. One of our main keywords is just plummeting, losing 4 spots every 8 hrs or so. Makes no sense to me. At the same time, traffic for the site as a whole is up 10% over last week.

weird we're seeing the opposite, traffic down, ranking up.

I'm not sure if this is random or if there is something significant going on here. It's almost October 31st and I'm experiencing a lot of ghost traffic. It's ghosts or zombies, I can't quite tell. Is this a some twisted Halloween traffic pattern?

Big fluctuations going on in UK - And now seeing more than one overtly spammy site slipping through the net and rising very near to the top, like floating turds. Maybe a glitch, maybe the algo's broke, who knows??

I am seeing my results as of this morning as pretty much exactly the same as pre Penguin 4. All lost positions are back and all gained ones have dropped back to where they were.

The chatter is a bit early, so hard to tell if this is significant yet or not.

The automated tracking tools are a mix response with Mozcast showing a spike, Advanced Web Ranking as well and SERP Metrics also. The other tools, not so much.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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