Complaints Of Indexing Issues Via Google Search Console

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Google Indexing Issues

Over the weekend there has been numerous complaints about using Google Search Console to get content indexed faster - in short, SEOs are saying it doesn't work. I guess this is through the "request indexing" feature in Google Search Console. To be clear, Google has not confirmed the issue, in fact, John Mueller implied nothing is wrong.

There are numerous threads in Google Webmaster Help, Black Hat World and a bunch on Twitter with the complaints.

Here is the initial complaint from the webmaster forums over 24 hours ago:

I noticed that the Google search console is currently facing the problem in indexing request. Usually it can index new page / post instantly to appear in search result but now from yesterday, this tool is not working properly, no index appear in search result although has submitted multiple times.

I hope this problem can be resolved soon as this is a public webmasters tool to rely on theirs (including me) working. Without it, no index from the new page, new website, and new post. I hope it can return to normal function again like as before.

John Mueller from Google did not respond in the thread but responded on Twitter to references of that thread and said "It's normal that not everything is indexed right away." He added "Also, from the thread, it sounds like folks are using it for normal site maintenance, things it's not really meant for. Use a sitemap file for normal site changes instead."

But yea, there are a lot of complaints. I am even seeing some complaints (via email) last week of Bing Webmaster Tools having a similar issue. But I am not seeing many public complaints on the Bing side.

Here is one:

Here are some more complaints I received on Twitter:

I guess let's see how fast this post gets indexed, but maybe that is not what these folks are trying to do, as John suggested above?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help, Black Hat World and Twitter.

Update: It took about 9 minutes for this story to be indexed by Google according to Search Console and Google's search results site command. So a bit delayed but not crazy.

Although others still saying it does not work for them - but this story is showing to be indexed by Google...

Update 2: John again saying no issues with indexing:

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