Google Web Search Ranking Fluctuations In Mid-September?

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I can't ignore the WebmasterWorld thread that has been a bit heavier in webmaster chatter over the past several days, most noticeably over the weekend.

The chatter levels do not signal to me a huge update, but some changes in the Google rankings seem to have occurred. It might be related to specific niche changes, maybe user interface changes or maybe there was an algorithmic shift.

I know for this specific site, the Panda 4.2 reversals I reported about on the first of this month are now regressing and I am seeing my Google organic traffic levels back and beyond what I saw when I first started noticing a recovery.

But this might not all be about Panda, it might be something else.

Again, the chatter is not significant enough to warrant me emailing Google about to find out if there was an update. Plus, the automated tracking tools from Moz, SERPs, SERPMetrics, Algooroo and others do not show huge signs in the past few days of changes - in fact, they show the opposite.

But there is chatter, higher than normal chatter, but not enough to signal a real significant update red flag. But for those who noticed changes, you are 100% not alone.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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