Google Price Range Product Slider With Store Names

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Google is now showing the product price range slider with a store name overlayed. I know the slider is not new, it shows you the price range of that product that Google tracked. But the store name overlay, might be new.

Khushal Bherwani posted about it on Twitter and said "Google now shows typically with brand name." "Looks new to me," he added, and I do think it is new, right?

Here is a screenshot:

Google Price Range Slider Brand Name

I don't think it is new that Google shows the store/retailer name in this part of the product grid:

Google Store Name Product Result

But the slider, I think might be new. I don't spend a lot of time looking at products in my typical Google searches.

This was spotted a bit earlier:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Now with expandable menus:

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