Google Now With Bill Payment Reminders

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Google NowGoogle announced on Google+ that they can now remind you to pay your bills via Google Now. Plus, if you search for [Show me my bills] or [My bills due this week] and you have emails in your Google account with bills, it will be able to show you your upcoming bills.

Too bad Google won't also pay your bills for you. :)

Here is a screen shot via the Google Android app:

Google Now With Bill Payment Reminders

Google wrote:

When you can't remember whether you've paid your bills—or you simply can't remember how much money you need to pay—you can now just ask Google. Tap the mic on the Google app ( and say, “Show me my bills” or “My bills due this week.” If you have the payment due date and amount in your Gmail, you’ll see a quick summary of upcoming and past bills. Pretty handy, huh?

Now I wonder if savvy marketers will try to piggy back off all these queries now.

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