Google: Outdated TLS Won't Hurt Your Rankings

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The other day we reported Google started sending out new security notifications via Google Search Console around TLS upgrade requirements. So I asked Google's John Mueller about those notifications and he said that it won't have a negative impact on your Google rankings, that the notifications are just a heads up to webmasters that they should improve their sites security.

At the 5:19 mark into the video, John explained that they are sending a lot of HTTP/S types of notifications out recently and the TLS 1.0 notification is one of them. But John said these are just heads up notifications and they don't impact your Google rankings.

John Mueller said:

We we sent out I think for a bunch of different HTTP type issues where people have the configuration wrong we sent out these kind of messages. I don't think it's just like the kind of you're using an obsolete version number. But as far as I know also like variations of the certificate you have it set up wrong or you're using it wrong, these kind of issues. And we we've sent out some of those in the past but I believe we we added a bunch of new messages just to kind of make sure we have all of the common issues covered.

I then asked, "And these have no impact on your rankings, it's just a notification to webmasters to say hey you should be aware of this?"

John responded:


Yeah so since it's technically still valid HTTPS page, we would probably still index it as HTTPS. So you would have the normal ranking, the normal URL and the search results, you're just serving it in a way that is is not really secure. So something that you could improve on.

Here is the video embed:

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