Google News Sitemap Index Count Not Accurate

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Google News SitemapGoogle has told us time and time again that using the site command in Google web search will not give you the accurate count of pages Google has indexed for your web site, that instead, you should use Google Webmaster Tools and check your Sitemap file to see how many pages were indexed there as well as the index report.

But with Google News, it is not the case. Stacie Chan from Google News said in a Google+ hangout yesterday at the 53.5 minute mark that the best way to see if your Google News articles are within Google News is not the sitemap index count but rather a site command in Google News.

She said:

The index count is not always accurate for Google News specifically.

It is just a different beast. News articles are being indexed so much faster than a lot of regular sites that it is very hard to accurately capture that.

So the best way that we recommend to see which articles are being indexed is just a simple site search in Google News. Then you'll see which articles are being crawled and which ones aren't.

Here is the video embedded at the start time with what she said, so you can listen to the question and answer yourself:

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