Google Images Bug Shows Russian Car Crash For All Queries?

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Google Image SearchIt seems there is a wide spread bug or hack with Google Image search impacting a lot of users across the world.

When they search for anything within Google Image Search, many of the images being returned are of a Russian car crash picture.

Here is a screen shot I picked off a Google Web Search Help thread with 70+ complaints as of this morning.

Google Images Russian Car Crash Hack

There are dozens of complaints about this, but personally I cannot replicate it.

The first complaint came in a little after 2am EDT this morning:

Every time I search something in Google images, these creepy images are appearing. It's apparently a crashed truck or something, but I didn't look it up. People could say that it had something to do with what I was searching, but if I click on it, a different image appears. I have some screenshots attached.

Google responded to the thread 15 minutes before publishing this story saying:

Thank you all for your reports! Just to let you know that we are currently looking into this.

We will keep you updated on this thread.

This is indeed incredibly weird.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Update: Many users are now, at 10:25am EDT, reporting this to be resolved. Google has not updated the thread with any new details.

And Google just confirmed they fixed it saying:

We think we've fixed it. Could you please try and refresh your browser (clear cache & cookies) and see if it worked for you?

Final update, Google won't give more details on why this happened outside of saying:

Thanks for your question. At the moment we have nothing to share beyond that it's a technical issue on our end.

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