Google Home Page Ads Only Bother 26%

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Google Home Spam PollA few months ago, I asked you all how spammy you find the Google home page.

One of the cleanest home pages available on the internet today... When users see ads of any kind, especially animated ads on Google's home page, it stands out like a soar thumb.

So we ran a poll and most people find Google's home page to be in good taste and not spammy.

Here is the break down on responses, with well over 200 responses to the question, "Google Home Page Too Promotional & Spammy?"

  • 26% said Too Much
  • 24% said A Little But Not Horrible
  • 27% said Not Really
  • 23% said Not At All

I am not surprised by these results.

Please read my poll disclosure policy before jumping to any scientific conclusions.

Forum discussion continued at Google Web Search Help.

Note: This story was scheduled to be posted on this day, but was written earlier.

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