Search For Gay Fish In Google & Get Kanye West Knowledge Panel

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Go to Google and search for [gay fish] and you will see Google returns the knowledge panel on the right hand side for musician and songwriter Kanye West. Here is a picture of the search result, as I captured minutes ago:

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This is for a reason. According to Wikipedia there is an episode of South Park named Fishsticks. Here is how Wikipedia explains it:

In the episode, Jimmy writes a joke that becomes a national sensation, and Cartman tries to steal the credit. Rapper Kanye West is the only person in the country who fails to get the joke, but cannot admit that he does not get it because he believes himself to be a genius.

The episode was written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker, and was rated TV-MA L in the United States. The episode was conceived from a joke among Parker and fellow co-creator Matt Stone about a fish dressed as motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel, which eventually turned into a joke about Kanye West not understanding a joke about why liking fishsticks made him a gay fish. The way Cartman tries to steal credit for the joke was inspired by real people Parker and Stone have worked with in the television business.

Parker provided the voice of West in the episode and during the song "Gay Fish", a parody of West's song "Heartless". "Fishsticks" received largely positive reviews, and generated a great deal of media attention when West wrote in a blog that the episode hurt his feelings, although he said it was funny and admitted that he needed to work on his ego problem. The episode also spoofed comedian Carlos Mencia, who praised the episode after it was broadcast.

Here is a video on it:

I spotted this via @ColdRicePudding, Luke Ward.

Forum discussion on Twitter.

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