Non Google Analytics Admins Can't Remove Profiles


Google Analytics LogoLet's say you are an SEO, webmaster or marketing consultant for a third-party company. That company grants you user access to their Google Analytics data so that you can analyze their traffic and find areas in which you can improve their site. Then one day, you no longer work for that client but they did not remove your access to their Analytics.

Did you know that the only way to remove Google Analytics profiles is for an administrator to either delete the profile completely or remove your access individually? What if they don't? Then you have profiles in your account you no longer want or need.

For some, that can be frustrating and a bit of annoyance. Personally, it wouldn't bother me because I search for profiles but hey - I can see it being annoying for some.

A Google Analytics Help thread from 2009 still has people who are upset.

Heck, even the new interface doesn't give you a way to do it.

Admins can remove profiles:

Google Analytics

Users can't remove profiles:

Google Analytics

New Profile Pages:

Google Analytics

Forum discussion at Google Analytics Help.

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