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Google Analytics Amp

For those of you still using Google AMP, like myself, did you know that GA 4, Google Analytics 4 and Google AMP do not play nicely together. GA4 still does not officially support AMP pages and we don't know if or when GA4 will support AMP.

The good news is that David Vallejo published a detailed piece on what you can track in GA4 with AMP on his site over here. It is super detailed, so make sure you set a time to review in detail.

But according to Krista Seiden, the Google Analytics guru, GA4 does not currently officially deal with AMP and she has no idea if they ever will.

Glenn Gabe asked the question:

I have to imagine GA4 will add more support? As a publisher that still uses AMP, I do want GA4 to support it, espesially since we are being forced over to it.

Or maybe it will just force me to stop using AMP?

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