NY Times: Google AdWords Advertiser Shares His Problems

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AdWords Debacle StoryThe guy in the picture is Paul Downs, he is a normal small business owner who makes most of his money selling conference tables from his web site. He advertisers his website mostly through Google AdWords.

In short, he was doing great and then all of a sudden his sales started to drop off.

He is telling his five part story on the NY Times web site and the last story is set to come out next week about how he fixed his issue.

The stories that are currently out can all be seen over here but here are the titles:

  1. My AdWords Debacle: Dumb and Happy
  2. My AdWords Debacle: A New Product
  3. My AdWords Debacle: Statistics and Stories
  4. My AdWords Debacle: A Wake Up and a Fix
  5. Last one coming soon...

Now, it seems when you are reading the story that he added some new ad groups and keywords that dried up his AdWords budget and led to less profitable and actionable leads. But I am waiting for a surprise in the fifth installment of this set of stories.

What do you think this AdWords advertiser's issue is?

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