Fake DMCA Requests Using AI Generated Lawyers To Demand For Links

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Fake Business

Here is a newish link scheme, well, not 100% new but parts of it is new. As reported by The Next Web, these link spammers are using AI to create fake lawyer profiles that are going around sending fake DMCA requests demanding a link to their site for the use of content or images.

We've probably all seen DMCA notices but this specific one came from Nicole Palmer at Arthur Davidson Legal, a lawyer who does not really exist but was generated using AI. Here is the email:

click for full size

The reporter when on to say "Almost sure that this was a scam, I took a closer look at the “About Us” page. The photos of the lawyers seemed a bit out of place. I opened Nicole’s photo in full size on a separate tab. What I saw was an image created by a generative adversarial network, a deep learning model that can be trained to create faces, art, or anything else."

You can see the photo is not right:

Nicole Palmer 2

The lengths some SEOs go to in order to get links...

Glenn Gabe summed it up nicely on Twitter:

Did you get one of these? Some have...

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