Bram Stoker Books Google Dracula Logo Upsets A Christian

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Google Dracula Logo

Today on the Google home page is a special logo to pay respect to the author of Dracula, Bram Stoker.

Bram Stoker was born today on November 8, 1847 165 years ago and died at the age of 64 in London on April 20, 1912. He is most well known for his novel, Dracula. It was famous for the character of the vampire Count Dracula. It is a story about the vampire trying to relocate from Transylvania to England.

The logo is pretty neat and it does a good job honoring one of the most famous novels of all time. But for some, they find it offensive.

A Google Web Search Help thread has one searcher saying:

I know I will thought of as narrow minded and this comment will not be popular, but I felt I needed to speak my mind. I am a Christian and I am offended by the logo on Google's home page today, 11/8. It portrays a very dark and oppressive view towards good.

In any event, the search result leads you to the Google Carousel feature, give it a try by either clicking on the logo or searching for [Bram Stoker books].

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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