Microsoft Still Working On adCenter Impression Bug Fix

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Last week I reported that Microsoft adCenter had an impression reporting bug. Microsoft said they released a fix for the bug, but apparently that fix has not worked.

Yesterday, Tina Kelleher from the adCenter Community Manager, said in a WebmasterWorld thread:

I just wanted to jump in and let you guys know that this issue has been identified and resolved by our tech support team. I just received word that a fix was deployed and they're in the process of verifying that delivery has been restored for those affected.

The thing is, the fix did not work. Tina admitted it later on that day, saying:

Unfortunately it seems that the fix is not helping all customers and so further investigation is needed.

As of right now, Microsoft is still trying to figure out why some accounts are experiencing this issue and others are not.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld and Microsoft Advertising Forum.

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson sent me the following statement:

There was a reporting bug last week that affected some users, but it was resolved last Friday. There are no open bugs right now. If advertisers are seeing a drop in impressions, the most likely scenario is that they didn’t increase their budgets (per the recommendations we made) prior to the Yahoo! transition and as a result are hitting their budget limits sooner than expected. If any of your readers are seeing any issues with their adCenter accounts, they should either post details in the Microsoft Advertising Community forums, which are monitored by support staff, or else contact support via email or phone to describe their issue.

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