Want a Tour of Google? Are You From The Marines?

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Many people in this world would do a lot to get a personalized tour of Google. Especially those reading this site and those who use Google's products each day. Like it or not, Google is still perceived by the general population as a cool company that is not evil. And because of that, many people want to visit Google but Google doesn't open their doors to everyone (at least I don't think they do).

So how do you get a personalized tour from Google at the GooglePlex? Say you are from the Marines!

A Google Web Search Help thread has Lance Corporal Derrik Trace, a member of the United States Marine Corps. He said he "recently got back from a deployment to Afghanistan" and would love to tour Google. He said he "absolutely loves Google," and explains why:

Heck, I even used Google to look up the Marine Corps when i first thought of joining. It has been a dream since I first used Google to want to tour the facility, even if it's just to shake the engineer's hands. When I got stationed in Camp Pendleton, California, I knew it was time to pursue it. Next thing I know, I was put onto a deployment list with Security Company and went overseas to the glorious country of Afghanistan. I'm not complaining though, it was a blast... No pun intended. Now I'm writing this email hoping that it doesn't fall on deaf ears, as I'll probably still make the journey to Google's HQ to snap a few pictures in front of it, and I promise you they'll end up as my Facebook.

Great story and guess what? He got a pass. Kelly F from Google replied saying she will email him directly to touch base. She said, "First off, thanks for your service! I'm glad to hear that you love Google so much. Would you mind if we continued this conversation over email?"

I assume Lance Corporal Derrik Trace and his friend will be visiting Google in the near future for a private tour of the GooglePlex.

The rest of you? Well, you can visit the Google Culture page to get your virtual tour.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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