Google Fixes Blogspot Indexing Issue: New Content Being Indexed

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On Friday we reported on early reports of Google stopping indexing Blogger (aka content. Any new content published on many blogspot URLs were not being indexed by Google.

Google's JohnMu commented this morning saying that this is now resolved. I checked the thread and as of yesterday it appears the bloggers are now telling us their new posts are being indexed again by Google.

John said:

This issue should be resolved now. It may still take a day or two for the content from that timeframe to be indexed, but new content should be getting indexed normally. If you are still seeing issues with indexing of new content, it's likely to be a different problem & I would recommend posting in our help forum with all the details. Thanks!

I honestly thought this wasn't a huge issue, but after posting it, it seems like more and more bloggers checked and notice and complained.

One blogger was thankful:

Everything has vastly improved. New posts are indexed within minutes, and all the posts between 10/19 and now that didn't get indexed are slowly joining the mix. A million thanks to Google for responding to this issue.

Keep in mind, if you are still seeing an issue, wait a couple days and if nothing is improved, post something in the forum. Your issue likely would have nothing to do with this specific Google bug.

Forum discussion continued at Google Webmaster Help.

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