Bing Revamping Webmaster Communication?

Sep 15, 2010 • 8:36 am | comments (1) by | Filed Under Bing Search

For the past month, I have been wondering why Brett Yount, former Bing's webmaster center program manager hasn't made a post at the forums he manages at the Bing Forums.

I then spotted a tweet by way of BigMouthMedia that says Bing's blog editor Rick DeJarnette is no longer working at Bing/Microsoft. He wrote, "After 2 years, Bing has new plans for the webmaster blog, so it’s time to move on."

So I checked Brett Yount's signature in a post and noticed he updated it recently to read, "*I no longer work for Bing."

What is going on? What is Microsoft doing to the Bing webmaster communication? I am not sure if someone replaced either Brett or Rick yet. It is clear that Rick was fired, he tweeted that Microsoft wants "to change course."

BigMouthMedia speculates that the change is due to the integration of Bing Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer. That could be but honestly Yahoo was pretty bad at communication on the search side. At least over the past year, they were good years and years ago. Paid search side, Yahoo was and is still pretty good, but not on the organic search side.

I wonder what changes are brewing at Bing in terms of webmaster communication.

Forum discussion? Well, none really to point to sadly.

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