DigitalPoint Banned From Google AdSense. But Why?

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On July 15th, DigitalPoint Forums, a forum we cover here often, no longer was showing Google AdSense ads on their pages. Rumors began spreading so Shawn Hogan, the owner, posted a blog post saying A 3rd Party CAN Get You Banned From AdSense.

He claims that his account was banned due to third-party web sites. He said:

While I still think the majority of people who claimed to have their AdSense account unfairly terminated are probably just whiners that got caught doing something they shouldn't be, I can say for 100% certainty now that it can (and clearly does) happen sometimes.

He showed how many sites were using his code on their own site in the wrong way. Why? He doesn't know for sure but maybe to get him banned from AdSense. He said he began using the Whitelist feature after Google suggested it to him, but a few days/weeks later, he was banned.

I guess anything is possible and I doubt Google will go on record as to what has happened. I have no insider information, all I know is what was posted in the public.

So either he will remain banned or the ban will be lifted. People make mistakes, Google is human, lots of things can happen.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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