Google Maps Ranking Jewish Businesses For Nazi Related Keywords?

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A Google Places Help thread has one business owner complaining that he is receiving tons of traffic from Google Maps for Nazi related keywords. He explained he is a Jewish business owner and his top queries reported in Google Places is Nazi keyword related. He said "as a Jewish owned business, this really worries me!"

The top queries he received include swastika building, nazi building, swastika, balloon utopia, event decor, nazi headquarters, atomic bomb and nazi. I did a search for [swastika building, san diego, ca] in Google Maps and his business was the fifth result, right below a Jewish Synagogue named Tifereth Israel Synagogue‎. Here is a picture:

Nazi Keywords for Local Balloon Company

So what is this about? I mean, we are aware there are buildings that look like Swastikas in Google Maps:

Swastika on Google Maps

So what is going on here? Is this some type of hacker attack like we saw with Swastikas in Google Trends or is this something else?

Forum discussion at Google Places Help.

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