Daily Search Forum Recap: January 11, 2010

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Flooding Web With Nexus One Ads?
    A WebmasterWorld thread has both publishers, advertisers and searchers complaining about the number of ads they see for the Google Nexus One phone on the internet. Yes, it is no surprise the Nexus One ads are shown on the Google home page. But they are all over every AdSense spot I can find. Of course, not 100% of the time, but extremely often. Here are two pictures of the ads: Incredibill, the moderator of the
  • Google Suggest Leads to 14 Year Old Stripping
    We asked earlier today if Google should censor non-adult search suggestions. Google does censor out adult-oriented or illegal suggestions. But often they do not get censored unless someone really points it out in a public setting. A Google Web Search Help thread points out the next upsetting search suggestion found on Google. Now, it isn't upsetting to me that Google is showing it, it is upsetting to me why Google is showing this. I'll explain
  • Playboy on Google News Fast Flip
    Google just recently added the Fast Flip feature to the News home page. Some love it and some hate it, but should Google be showing topless women from Playboy in the Fast Flip news feature? That is what someone asked at a Google News Help thread. If you go to Google News Fast Flip and click on "most viewed" and scroll a bit, you will see Iga/Eva topless. Here is a picture: Should that come
  • Poll: Should Google Censor Non-Adult Search Suggestions?
    Ever since Google suggest became the default at Google.com back in 2008, the search suggestions had led to some controversy. Most recently over religions suggestions such as Christianity or Islam. Plus a month or so back, we had the Climategate controversy. We do know that Google censors out adult search suggestions and I don't think anyone would argue with that. However, do you think Google should censor out non-adult negative search suggestions? Such as those
  • Google Adds News Flip to Google News Home Page
    Google has added the news fast flip feature of Google News to the bottom of the Google News home page. If you go to Google News and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see this just added to the bottom: A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around this feature. One person liked it so much, they want it on the Google web results, not just news results. Another person said he hated it,
  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: January 8, 2010
    This week, I try to get fancier with my video set up and integrate multiple video sources, including my monitor - let's see how that goes. I posted the Google webmaster report for January. There were rumors Caffeine went live, but it did not. More people are seeing the Google blue Jazz interface. Malware is becoming a bigger and bigger issues. Was there a Yahoo Search update or was it the paid inclusion results being

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

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