Mass Google Toolbar PageRank Penalty of December 2009???

Dec 14, 2009 • 8:26 am | comments (8) by | Filed Under Google Search Algorithm Updates

Let me start off by saying that I used not only one question mark in the title, but three to express how confident I am about this title. There is almost a 100 posts in a single weekend DigitalPoint Forums thread with people reporting their Google Toolbar PageRank has dropped.

A long time ago, Google had batch Toolbar PageRank penalties for sites that sold or bought links. The first batch was in November 2007, then in January 2008 and then in February 2008. Since then, the PageRank penalties continued but it seemed to not be so "batch" related. By that I mean, you wouldn't see hundreds of webmasters report a drop in their Toolbar PageRank on the same day.

This DigitalPoint Forums, although doesn't have hundreds of complaints, it has a significant number of complaints, mostly about a drop in Toolbar PageRank. Some were reports of new sites receiving PageRank for the first time.

So is this a mass Google Toolbar PageRank penalty hit or something less?

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