How To Handle DMCA Take Downs in Google Webmaster Tools

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I thought I knew everything there is to know about Google Webmaster Tools, but I guess there was one thing I did not know. A WebmasterWorld thread talks about how one webmaster received a message from Google that his site had a URL taken down in the Google results due to a DMCA request. I honestly never knew Google notified webmasters of DMCA issues via Google Webmaster Tools. It goes on...

The webmaster explained that the URL was specific to a forum thread, that was actually taken down about 2 years ago. So this seemed to be a legacy DMCA request, where the post was removed two years ago, the webmaster was notified by Google via the message center a few months ago, about a page that was removed.

His issue is simple:

Well, once a month or so, I still continue to get a message in Google's Webmaster Tools that someone had filed a DMCA complaint and that particular URL has been blocked. Even though that particular posting was deleted probably 2 years ago!

Why does Google continuously remind this webmaster about a DMCA issue, when the issue is gone?

One person feels that he has to submit a reconsideration request, to have a human review the situation. Another person suggests the issue is related to how the DMCA'd URL is a 301 redirect to the main forum listing. Maybe Google thinks that since it was 301ed, that the URL the issue URL is being redirected to, is also an issue?

I am hoping to get some clarification from Google on this either in the comments here or in the thread.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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