Why Are Newspapers Complaining? Danny Sullivan Shows The Hard Truth

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Over the past few days, the AP and other newspapers and news sources rekindled their campaign against how the Internet works. In short, they are not happy that Google, amongst others, distribute their content to a wider audience and Google doesn't have to pay for such distribution. It gets much more involved and I am honestly way too tired to get into all the details. But that is fine, since Danny Sullivan, at his personal blog, has an excellent (the word doesn't do justice) post on the topic.

Danny's Google's Love For Newspapers & How Little They Appreciate It, really says it all. It is well worth a read and trust me, although it is long in word length, the article will fly right by as you read. Let me just quote the final paragraph from Danny's post:

Newspapers get special treatment, both with First Click Free and with the extraordinary amount of traffic they get from Google. And while their top managers go off on renewed Google rampages, they still continue to work to get even more traffic. It is stunning hypocrisy, and certainly not what you'd expect from smart business people. But given how badly their papers seem to be going, I suppose they aren't so smart.

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