Google AdSense & AdWords Reportings Takes A Weekend Break

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Over the weekend, there were hundreds of posts and dozens of threads with complaints from both Google AdWords advertisers and Google AdSense publishers. The complaints were that the reports were not being updated. Google has confirmed the issue in Google AdWords Help discussions area saying:

  • There was a stats issue in the Ads system that affected stats related to Adwords and AdSense.
  • The issue started at roughly 4AM PST on Sat 2/14/09 and lasted several hours.
  • The issue only affected stats and reporting. AdServing was not affected and all ads continued to run as normal.
  • Account access was normal during this time.
  • AdWords engineers are working to get all stats back online/up-to-date ASAP. The update process has started.
  • No stats have been lost
  • It is anticipated that by the end of today all basic stats at the Adgroup, Campaign, and Account level will be current.
  • Advanced stats such as Product Placement Reports and Query reports for Friday, Saturday, Sunday are anticipated to be available by Tuesday 2/17/09

Like I said, there is a lot of discussion around this issue. Here are the threads:

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