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Patricia Hursh, President, SmartSearch Marketing

1. Which engines
2. how importatn is translation
3. regional search trends
4. ease of PPC campaign set-up
5. common constraints

*shows some graphs of # of searches and market share of different engines*


Baidu’s market share in China is 75% or so. - interesting 2007 China report


Yahoo Japan is leading Japan with 64% market share

There is a difference of preference that varies by type of search.


*shows France chart* Charts show difference of seasonal changes for searches in different countries

How important is translation?
- search engine requirements
- target audience language skill
- searchers’ preferences
- acceptable methods

Go beyond translation - think localization
- utilize translation memory tools
- work with native speakers currently living in the country
- capaialize on local dialect, neacular, cultural references, current events, and regional word preferences. Use a “local


Google - Mexico
80/20 Spanish to English ads

Yahoo - Mexico
100/0 - All listings are Spanish

Estimating PPC Campaign Budgets
- easier to do in the US with Google, much more difficult in other countries

Setting up a Campaign
- Yahoo international is very different
- only invoices you on local currency
- min bids are different
- min deposits
- often times, ads and websites must be 100% in native language (i.e. Japan)

Google setup
- single adwords interface
- can charge you in local or US currency
- estimating credit terms apply

Investigate regional advertising constraints
- local presence required
- min IO’s
- min bids
- sales tax
*lists more but took slide down


Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman & Co-founder, Didit

International search challenges
- hedge for currency fluctuations
- budget by country or region
- cross border ROI calculations can be challenging

Vendor Selection Issues
- localize or centralize
- single multinational vendor network or local hotshot?
- centralized reporting for optimal decisioning

B2B Challenges
- no single decision maker
- offline conversions
- long lead time and lagged conversions
- keywords are often not b2b specific
- huge range in lead quality
- huge range in LTV of a closed deal

How do you deal with b2b metric uncertainy?
- visits to the contact us pages
- lead forms
- immediate orders
- site stickiness

Predict if kw is b2b or not?
- search engine syndication settings
- daypart
- day of week
- geopgraphy (at the DMN, or more granular level)
- IP address and ISP (not targetable in search)

*shows a daypart and day of week conversion rate chart*

Geographic Segmentation
1. Clicks are worth different amounts
2. *wow, he took that down fast*

Site-side conversion rate

Higher predicted lead score
- does one audience segment have higher lead quality indicators
- if Bremen (germany) visitors are better quality leads than the country average, you can afford to bid more for the

segment vs overall country.
- again, higher bids in a segment may get you additional volume due to a position……

Higher Lifetime Value
- do certain geogrpahies deliver better LTV?
- whats your 90-10 or 80-20 rule look like?

What are your segmentation levers?
- day of week
- demogrpahics
- network click source (content vs search)
- time of day (dayparting)
Should all regions use the same metrics?
- different success mentrics
- more touchpoints may be needed
- competitve landscape might be different country to country


Jeffrey Pruitt, President, SEMPO and Vice president, corporate sponsorships, iCrossing

- 60% of b2b marketers are to up their spending
- 3.5 billion in 2007, will double to 8 billion in the next 4 years

- Communication > Localization > Objectives

*quickly goes over each, was too fast for me*

B2B Trends
- Mobile - 84% of mobile searchers expect a dedicated mobile site
- Display -
- Social - B2B marketers continue to explore Social
- Web Dev -

Program Management - Process

Search Triggers
- TV spot, Radio spot, Display

*again , he is just to fast for me to get it all down*

Client Example - Coke
- managing 9 PPC campaigns in 2 countries
- for SEO, managing 18 countries and some 200+ sites
- *shows global account team chart*

SEO Regional Management
- IC US TEam (USA, Canada) - start with one team and then grow

Localization Criteria
- in house - in country clients
- localization company relationship

Know your space
- Google dominates US and Europe
- Shows big players from other areas (Baidu, Meta, Naver, Rndex)

Example - Fortune 500 client
- globalization and governance of SEM campaigns
- multiple regions/countries/languages
- 7 search engines, 23 countries, 11 languges, 150 campaigns per engine (800+ total)

- optimiced communication flow based on the client’s organizational structure
- translation of global marketing goals and objectives and marriage between them and the local market needs
- centralized campaign execution and optimization

Focus on Engagement Success:
- white papers
- web casts

Q:How do you vet or decide who to partner with when going oversees? What resources are out there?
A:Start with SEMPO list. Use the same criteria that you would use when hiring someone locally. Know what your strenghts

and weaknesses are and know what you are looking for in a Vendor. Look for testimonials from the past.

Take a look at the countries you want to get into. China example… if you are going to partner and not buy, you need to

go there and meet them face to face to build the connection. Due your homework.

Make sure you are using the resources you already have. Work to establish relationships with the local office.

Q:What toolkit can you give to an office (in another country) to get them started thinking on what you want?
A: You need to have the strategic talk with them to understand why they still look at page views and not lead gen.


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