New Design & Features Coming to Google Analytics?


Google Analytics New?I got word from a Matt (also a RustyBricker) who also runs Ask A Geek, that Google Analytics has a new front page design, at least slightly.

If you go to Google Analytics you may notice thew new favicon in the URL, which looks like the logo at the top right of this article. You may also notice that in the middle of the page, it says, "The New Google Analytics," adding "Google Analytics has been re-designed to help you learn even more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site." Here is a picture:

Google Analytics New?

Currently, no one sees the new redesign in Google Analytics. We only see the text on the home page that there is a redesign.

There is forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and Google Blogoscoped Forums with discussion around this topic. Again, no one sees any redesigned features within Google Analytics. They only see the mention of a new design at the Google Analytics homepage.

So maybe we can expect a redesign soon?

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and Google Blogoscoped Forums.

Update: The Google Analytics Blog posted at 4:30pm (EST), Streamlined Login to Google Analytics. Basically, they redesigned the login area.

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