Larry Page of Google's Private Home Shown on Google Street Views

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The National Legal and Policy Center released a compelling report about how Google is not respecting privacy. In one statement, Google said that they take privacy concerns very seriously. The NLPC was troubled when Google “Evangelist” Vint Cerf said "nothing you do ever goes away, and nothing you do ever escapes notice… There isn’t any privacy, get over it.”

Is that true? The National Legal and Policy Center sought out to find the answer. According to reports, they "violated" the privacy of Google executive Larry Page:

[They] released a document demonstrating the threat to personal privacy posed by Google and Google products. Simply using Google Street View and Google Earth, the Center compiled a startlingly comprehensive amount of personal information on a top Google executive in less than 30 minutes, including the license plates of cars outside the executive’s home, the landscaping company the executive uses and even the name of the next door neighbor’s home security company.

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One forum member calls Google's arsenal the "stalker's tool kit." On the other hand, forum members think that it's a bit of a stretch, given that you can get the same information if you were standing outside the person's house. (The chances of that, though, are a lot lower and now are a lot more accessible due to the beauty of the Internet.)

But Google Street View still worries people, especially parents who have to see pictures of children playing in the yard. One member can see his kid playing at his parents' house and wonders "if a big NOINDEX NOCACHE sign in the front yard would work." (My guess: the Google Street View driver doesn't know what that would even mean.)

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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