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On January 9th, we reported the Google AdWords Editor communication issue was resolved. Well, it seems to be back again.

Continued discussion in a WebmasterWorld thread reports from several AdWords Editor users that the issues are now lingering on.

I've been trying to post mass quantities of changes today, and it's locked up without posting every time. I've saved off a copy of my changes in CSV format, rebooted, actually reinstalled the AdWords Editor, and loaded back in my changes. Every time it just stops, without posting any keywords. So I've got a bunch of empty campaigns and ad groups, there's no way to import from CSV file anymore (is there?) and apparently no way to get the AdWords Editor working again. So I am looking at typing in 637 keywords with their various match types. This does not make me happy.

Two other unhappy AdWords customers have confirmed the issue on January 20th. So it does not appear to be a network issue with a specific ISP, but rather an issue with Google.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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