Help! I Rank #1 But Have No Customers!

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A SitePoint Forums member did everything right, or so he thought: he ranks #1 for their target keyword phrase, but they have no customers. Where did he go wrong, or what can he do to right the situation?

Forum members offer many useful tips:

Additional website tweaking may be in order. You may want to provide more direct "calls to action" so that a visitor is aware that there's a product/service to be bought.

Check the volume of searches for the keyword phrase. Better copy may improve the rankings for other more searched keywords. Do some keyword research.

Check those web site logs: find out where the user bails from the website. Find out if your traffic is targeted.

How about the product presentation? Is the price too expensive? Do you understand the market? Just like when you tweak your landing pages for a PPC campaign, you may have to start tweaking the results for your organic campaign.

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